Thursday, 12 August 2010

Redding California Loaves and Fishes Food Bank - Please Give

Redding Loaves & Fishes Food Bank is a nonprofit,non salaried, all volunteer, nondenominational organization here in California. 100% of your monetary donations go to operational and food bank purchases. We serve our communities basic hunger needs; (homeless, low income, housing, poverty, and those with food insecurities.) We support other food banks, church charities, and provide quality groceries and spiritual support. Although the focus is on food charity, clients often need basic goods: toilet paper, dental hygiene products and grooming aids, baby food and diapers, etc... Redding Loaves and Fishes Food Bank strives to provide these items as well to persons in greatest need, and will gladly accept these non food items. RL&F always welcomes your gently used Bibles for our ongoing Bible Distribution ministry. We give Bibles freely to any person who requests! We will continue, with the blessing of The Holy Spirit, to cheerfully demonstrate in Redding and Shasta County the love and charity of Jesus Christ, for He is our provider.... We are against practices and laws that unfairly single out homeless people and criminalize them for everyday living and life-sustaining activites. Now in Redding, California if you are one of the more than 3000 homeless men, women, and children in Shasta County caught by a small campfire trying to keep warm within Redding's city limits, or sleeping anywhere in a car, you can receive up to six months in jail, and a $1000 fine. God, from one end ...

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